Concerned about the prolonged downturn in the number of people playing our wonderful sport, we; Keith Renwick and Charles Wright

set up ‘PBPC’ to introduce a coaching program which provided an opportunity for bowlers and clubs to unite and rejuvenate the sport of Flat Green Bowls.

At the end of 2018 we concluded that the decline in our wonderful sport is now close to becoming irreversible.

As more and more clubs close and the number of individuals who play Bowls as a sport continually decreases, it is clear that Bowls in so many areas is now also financially unsustainable. Although some clubs may appear to be ‘growing’, that growth is inevitably at the expense of other clubs and these clubs will now slowly close and disappear, never to return and this ‘collapse’ within the sport is set to continue.    

More than 7 years after Keith’s programs should have been adopted in FULL by Bowls and provided to every bowler, club and county for free, we at Professional Bowls Performance Coaching (PBPC) have reassessed our position. Unfortunately for our sport, we have reluctantly acknowledged and now accepted that we will not be presented with the opportunity, structure and time that is needed to revive the sport of bowls and no longer have the energy or will to do so.

So many bowlers, including some who hold influential positions within our sport, know that there is nothing remotely comparable to our programs available to bowlers and we will continue to provide individuals (excluding coaches and/or those who actively support the other coaching bodies) who wish to understand how to perform Bowls as a sport with the opportunity to do so.


While we are no longer committed the future of the sport of Flat Green Bowls, our mission to help individual bowlers who wish to have a healthier, more enjoyable and potentially more successful future in the sport of Bowls will continue.


Don’t just take our word for it


It is a proven program which has been used to coach many players since Keith returned to bowls in 2013. Many bowlers who have attended the courses and/or received one to one tuition have been amazed at not only the improvement in their bowls but also, in many cases, their general health. Please visit our Facebook page (via the link above) to read the library of comments from those who have benefited from our programs.

The Coaching Program

The program works at all levels and has enabled several pupils to win their clubs championship. The coaching program is based on the concept of Performance State and how the brain chooses to live and train to play bowls in the perfect subconscious. We use these concepts to get the best out of you so that you can perform at your highest level.

The Performance State Concepts featured in the program are:

• Perfect Performance State (PPS®)

• Personal Optimum Performance State (POPS®)

• Variable and Imperfect Performance State (VIPS)

Not many individuals can exist in Perfect Performance State (PPS®), those who can and who have the correct support ‘system’ usually become legends within their sport, i.e. Tiger Woods, Roger Federer etc. Keith’s research on Tiger Woods in the early 2000’s and his admiration for him as a legend of sport is the reason for the Tiger in our logo. However, everyone does have their Personal Optimum Performance State (POPS®) where their subconscious brain will always wish to train and play in that Performance State. For those bowlers who have trained in a Variable and Imperfect Performance State (VIPS) or ingrained a variety and potentially conflicting ways to perform a sport, they will inevitably end up with a variable performance and result.

With the wrong foundations, many players will always lack the ‘confidence’ to transfer to a higher level as they are ‘locked in’ to a way of playing that restricts their ability to improve. At the same time, existing competitive players subconsciously know that many new players cannot reach the required standard with the consequence that they do not encourage them to join league teams and hence there is a reduction in the number of competitive players playing league bowls.

We believe that it is essential for young bowlers coming into the sport to live and train in ‘POPS®’ as it will help them in all aspects of their future life. (please refer to the commentary from Mike Evans and the Clare Beale Clinic). For established players who have reached a point where they have stopped improving, ‘Playbowls in PPS’ explains WHY they have ‘Hit the Wall’ and how they could eliminate the limiting factors. We hope to see you soon.