'POPS® applies to everyone!'



Clare Beale - Podiatrist, The beale Clinic

Keith has developed a simple concept which is very powerful. It is applicable to any age within any sporting field.


Through practical exercises, he shows you how to connect mentally and physically with your body and teaches you to access the core.  Simple movements that would normally be difficult or restricted for me became easier and more stable.  Movements such as jumping, rotation, balance if done correctly, are less likely to cause injury.


I regularly go to pilates and yoga, I play tennis and ski and have been taught how to use the core many times, but it has never been made so clear to me how powerful it is and how quickly a change can be made.  It can also be transferred into everyday life.  After just a couple of hours, Keith has taught me to move my body in a completely different way.


As a podiatrist, I am passionate about the way people walk and run and it is my job to ensure that the foundations are stable.  It is vital that the rest of the body is also functioning to the best of its ability.  I now understand this to be the Personal Optimum Performance State (POPS).

Michael Evans - Teacher

Mike Evans is a school master and lecturer with 38 years teaching experience. He has been the Head of Pastoral Education for young adults in two Colleges.

Michael holds a Diploma in Sports Psychology. Recently retired, he has also played bowls at Middleton Cup level. Having experienced the ‘Playbowls in PPS’ program here are some of his comments.



To perform at your best in any walk of life is vital. In educational terms, you are 'gifted and talented' and in the sporting world you are 'at your peak' or 'in the zone.' In both sport and education, there is a wealth of literature telling you 'how' to achieve but, until now,  very little explaining 'why' you are able to achieve.


In the sporting arena, the elite instinctively know how they feel physically, intellectually and emotionally but cannot explain why. The elite don't just progress- any serious minded competitor can do that- they TRANSFORM themselves.


Your 'Personal Optimal Performance State' (POPS) is not just for bowls or for any sport. It is the main stay of an educational tool-kit that you can apply to your lifestyle and set aside as a blueprint for success.


Keith Renwick is a manager for any field of self-enhancement. He is revolutionizing the world of sport with his life skills program for bowls. Keith knows that the best way to learn is through the body to the mind and he has broken away from the current educational trend to teach young people from the shoulders up. The brain or mind is just a part of POPS but so is the body and the spirit. The approach is holistic.


If you want your son or daughter to progress and excel in bowls with Keith's innovative lessons, he/she will.


If, however, along the way, he/she grows in self-confidence, critical thinking, man management skills, in speaking, listening and communicating, learns to undo bad habits in all humility, don’t be surprised, he/she will not just make progress; they will be transformed.


 Pop into POPS for yourselves’