We believe the best ambassadors for the PBPC and the continuous development programs we use are our pupils. Rather than us reproducing a small sample from the multitude of testimonials we have received within this website, please use the above link to access our Facebook page and enjoy reading through the informed comments and opinions of those who have experienced our programs in the various 'albums' we have published to date.

PBPC Kent Representative - Maddie McConomy - January 2017


Even as the Kent County Coach, I could never understand why there wasn't a "professional" coach as in other sports, then by chance I met Keith.  He has a unique coaching program with techniques to greatly improve anyone's bowling. I was so inspired I wrote to the BE and the EIBA and suggested they embrace this programme, I received no response in five years, so I fully understand why he and Charles have set up this new independent coaching organisation.I feel most privileged to join his team and encourage as many bowlers as possible to try his revolutionary coaching methods.